Boost your team: this is how you work together successfully!

You probably experience it more and more often: working on projects in a temporary team, in which you do not know everyone through and through. Are you curious how you can quickly become a successful team? Then read the five tips below that show successful teams. 

1.Integrate each other's qualities 

To make teamwork successful, it is important that you look closely at everyone's qualities and vision on the project. This way you create a common basis that all team members support and you come to new insights that you had never found out individually. 

2. Experiment! 

Do you recognize that a team analyzes the first steps of a project and no result comes on the shelf? Or that a team starts too quickly and the result is insufficiently quality? Take an iterative approach in which you dare to experiment continuously with in mind that not every idea is 100% good from minute one. 

3.Reflect at fixed moments 

Reflecting at fixed moments – for example daily, weekly or monthly – ensures that you as a team come closer together. At these moments you discuss progress, questions and processes with each other with the aim of understanding each other even better and learning from each other.  

4.Listen to your teammates 

Truly listening to your teammates is one of the most important ingredients of successful teamwork. This makes you open to the knowledge, experience, ideas and opinions of the other person. Put your own prejudices aside and open your ears well!  

5.Dare to speak 

out Successful teams communicate honestly and directly with each other. Do you see a mistake in the work of one of your teammates? Then it is important that you feel the space to give honest feedback to your teammate. In addition to daring to give feedback, it is also important that you dare to ask questions, dare to raise problems within the project and dare to explain (new) ideas. 

Do you want your team to work together successfully? 

We are happy to help you with that! Contact Geert to discuss the possibilities for a new concept, new learning tools or a new training strategy in which successful collaboration as a team is central. As Group Moovs, we give training and workshops in the field of 'Accelerated Teamwork' and the dynamics of temporary teams. Within a day you will discover the different dimensions on which you work together and you will make concrete agreements with each other.   

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