We believe in the power of participation.

It is more obvious than ever that without possessing the proper influence, we will not be able to achieve long-term visions, live the values we desire, and choose the right priorities for ourselves. We must have the power to look after mutual interests and ensure that people are accountable for serving the interests of everyone working in the organization.

Constructive employee participation is beneficial for both the organization and its employees. We know that it takes time to organize participation. But we have also experiences that engaging people in organized participation results in true connections built on respect and trust, supported decisions, inclusiveness, increased happiness, and better results. For these reasons, it is important that employee participation is implemented properly. Those on the Board must have a vision of employee participation and view it as an important value and a possible differentiator in your culture.

We believe in strategic professional participation and the power of a true dialogue, in a safe and comfortable setting for sharing information and negotiating with each other. To reach this level of professionalism, you must develop a shared vision of employee participation, clear processes and procedures, and the right skills, mindset and knowledge – whether internally or externally acquired.

We believe in the right to take initiative, and we believe it tables issues that are of real importance to all employees in the organization. Using the legal frameworks, we create tailor-made processes that are innovative and aim to maximize employee participation, ensuring satisfactory results for both directors and employees.

We support participatory bodies  (in this case Works Councils) to become powerful partners to the Board of Directors. With the right focus, the organization can be challenged on matters that are important to employees and also benefit the whole – for example skilful intervention to help the management team increase its awareness of issues and support to employees, and helping Works Councils to raise issues with the Board.