ThomasLeland works with organizations to achieve change and adaptability goals. We focus on the cultural foundations of behavior and performance to drive sustainable change, adaptation and stakeholder engagement.

Our unique anthropological perspective and ethnographic method yield surprising results. From insight to implementation, we provide solutions to:

  • Align strategy and culture
  • Create management teams that deliver high-quality performance
  • Implement diversity & inclusion strategies for the next generation
  • Client Service

We at ThomasLeland:

  • Work side by side with clients – as “outsiders on the inside” – to develop and implement unconventional solutions that help achieve transformative goals and solve persistent organizational challenges.
  • Work within geographies and industries with private, governmental and non-governmental organizations. Use a unique four-phase model for clients. Some clients work within all four, while others focus on one or more phases, depending on their specific needs.

Insight & Initiatives

We strive for thoughtful and practical leadership in a variety of areas essential to the service of our clients. Together with our clients and alliance partners, we engage in targeted research, development and think tank initiatives to improve both theory and practice.We focus on the following initiatives. We regularly speak and write about this and we provide information about it. Contact us for more information.

The Experience Project
Subjective experiences of individuals and groups are the driving force behind transformation and changing identity. It is a factor in motivation, collaboration and decision making that is often overlooked, ignored, minimized and underestimated. We want to raise awareness of this essential driver for high performance and help managers to consciously and competently focus their energies on creating optimal experiences within their sphere of influence. Through ethnographic analysis we seek to (a) uncover and understand the specific and general variables of experience within and across organizational contexts and groups and (b) the impulses that help optimize experiences and create successful change, transformation and adaptation .

The Inclusive Leadership Initiative
Inclusive Leadership is an emerging management model that is increasingly relevant in the dynamically complex economic, social and cultural interdependence. Inclusive leaders transcend traditional boundaries, barriers and limitations. It transforms individual, organizational and societal identity to optimize constructive potential and achieve better results. This initiative is an ongoing commitment to investigate and document this dynamic leadership process, gain new insights and develop ways to help managers address the multidimensional challenges of our global, complex and connected world.

Capacity building
ThomasLeland’s capacity building solutions are custom configured for the specific contexts and objectives of our clients. In designing our solutions, we draw on our own methods, content and resources, as well as those of our alliance partners. We also work with other (third party) service providers if clients want to integrate multiple solutions.

Our solutions include:
Accelerated Teaming ™ – DIL Practitioner ™ Certification – Taking your commitment to Diversity & Inclusion to the next level ImpACT ™ Coaching – Enables individuals and small groups to lead transformative organizational change Leadership Development Experience ™ – Developing leaders from great to extraordinary