Reinvent Learning

We are on a mission to reinvent learning and offer learning solutions to help people and organizations change before they are forced to. At Moovs Reinvent Learning we:

  • Provide the latest learning insights and trends that are essential knowledge in this new era we are entering;
  • Offer and develop blending learning solutions and platforms for anytime, anyplace, anywhere learning, because work-life integration is the new normal;
  • Create and offer new ways of formal education that fit the needs of people, society and organizations.

Learning is no longer only about formal education and training only. In today’s world, packed with disruption to life, business, tech and the environment, new ways of learning are required. They are needed in all stages of life, because life’s challenges are constantly changing. In order to meet the demands of present and future learning, it is essential that people and organizations stay relevant. Learning should be holistic and must dovetail with every aspect of how people and organizations learn. In order to be impactful, it needs to be a perfect blend of learning styles, environment, tools, role models and content. All of those who are involved in learning and education should contribute to and be challenged in the process of redesigning learning. We must constantly reinvent ourselves as learning professionals. When it comes to developing learning experiences, agility is key.

Our customised solutions that activate and stimulate learning include:

  • Building a culture of learning by workplace training, performance support, ‘train the trainer’;
  • Live online solutions such as webinars, livestreams, virtual events;
  • Immersive learning, which offers experiential learning experiences such as virtual, augmented and mixed reality;
  • Activating people by using games and gamification;
  • Creative digital solutions such as infographics, videos, micro-learning, animation;
  • Platform experience solutions for communication, performance and learning support;
  • Formal learning solutions with accreditation and diplomas, and secondment of learning experts.

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