We believe in diversity and know that all differences are important (thinking style, sex, generation, and country of origin, just to name a few). We make a distinction between inherent diversity (characteristics with which you were born, such as sex, ethnicity, and sexual orientation) and acquired diversity (qualities you acquire through experience, for example the way that working in another country can help you to appreciate cultural differences). Making the most of differences to achieve better business results and creating an environment where all people feel valued are two of the ways we implement inclusivity in our business. Diversity and inclusion are not just for certain groups of people; they’re for everyone. Diversity isn’t just a talent programme or a human resource tool – it’s about how each of us does business and does our work every day. It affects everyone, from leadership to new employees. Inclusion is what allows us to use the power of difference in people to drive better business results.

People at Group Moovs come from diverse backgrounds and there is a high proportion of LGBT staff. We have staff who hail from India, Iran, Hungary, China, Italy, France, the Netherlands and Morocco. This diversity is our greatest strength. We believe in the power of multiple perspectives: in who we are, what we have experienced and how we think. Because we serve everyone, we believe in including everyone. This is reflected in various ways, including in the fact that 50% of our management and 75% of our entire workforce is female.