At Moovs Safety & Security we are passionate about people and their wellbeing. Our ultimate goal is to achieve and maintain a safe and resilient society for everyone.

We distinguish ourselves through our ‘people first’ mindset and our expertise in safety and security solutions. As humans we have the capacity to overcome the challenges we experience in life, both individually and collectively.

As changes become more challenging and disrupting, we must learn to adapt to and be better prepared for the crises we face in life, both big and small. Unfortunately we live in a society where crises, deviant and undesirable behaviour occur more and more often. When our society and, more specifically, employees of organizations are exposed to this kind of behaviour it can affect their feeling of safety and their work performance as well as their overall wellbeing. It’s important to keep an eye out for these types of situations and ensure we keep our society safe, secure and cared for.

Our world is full of regions and communities in which the social and/or environmental vitality has been destroyed. However, even in these places there are inevitably points of light full of hope, beauty and joy. We intend to develop more of these points of light, whether by creating new ones or expanding on what is already there. A community can work together in a co-operative and creative way – and quickly – to build a modern oasis: a physical space that promotes life, joy and restoration.

Undermining is a big threat, and one for which we support civil and government officials in the communal realm. Undermining is the result of many different forms of crime; it blurs the lines between the underworld and legitimate society. We see undermining as the constant pounding of organized crime (the underworld) on our legitimate society. Undermining is a problem that weakens and ultimately even disrupts society.

We analyse organizations by looking at security systems, protocols and employee behaviour. We use these insights to offer advice and interventions to make sure your organization offers a safe and secure place to work. Successful organizations rely on healthy, happy and resilient employees.

We believe that the real strength of a safe and secure society, community or organization lies in the behaviour of its people, citizens and employees. Our aim is to help you increase the wellbeing and resilience of all so they can perform to the best of their abilities.

Our solutions:

  • Event Security
  • Personal Security Awareness
  • Risk Assessment Quick scan methodology
  • Security Briefing Expats

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