We believe in lifelong learning to stay relevant and stay fit for the radical future of work.

Moovs, as part of Group Moovs, is certified to offer accredited courses in line with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). EQF is a way of mapping qualifications across EU member countries and was officially adopted by the European Parliament and the Council in April 2008.

The EQF is a common European reference framework which links countries’ qualifications systems together, acting as a translation device to make qualifications more readable and understandable across different countries and systems in Europe. It has two principal aims: to promote citizens’ mobility between countries and to facilitate their lifelong learning.

The EQF is a lifelong learning framework and covers all types of qualifications ranging from those acquired at the end of compulsory education (Level 1) to the highest qualifications such as Doctorate. The EQF enables learners, learning providers and employers to compare qualifications between different countries’ national qualifications systems. This is thought to help increase mobility in the labour market within and between the countries, because it makes it easy to determine a person’s level of qualification. This in turn improves the balance between the supply and demand of knowledge and skills.

In the Netherlands we are NLQF certified. The NLQF is based on the overarching European Qualifications Framework (EQF). The EQF specifies the specific knowledge, skills, degree of independence and responsibility associated with each of the eight levels, rather than individual qualifications.

In addition to the EU Member States, another 11 countries are working on the application of the EQF, namely Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway (European Economic Area countries), Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey (candidate countries), Bosnia & Herzegovina and Kosovo (potential candidate countries), and Switzerland.

Our solutions:

  • Developing new accredited training and learning courses
  • Offering NLQF certified