We are committed to a healthy and social society in which everyone can be the best version of themselves.

We believe in a holistic approach, in keeping an open mind to the world and approaching it from curiosity and open-mindedness each and every day. We believe in personal development through positive psychology, and in the importance of gratitude as the basis of happiness. We believe in selflessness and reciprocity in socializing, because we are all human and want to belong. We believe in life as a journey in which we set goals, ranging from small daily successes to giving meaning to who we want to be and how we want to contribute. Every person wants to contribute and make an impact, in sport, at work, in the family, or in society.

We believe in the importance of being fit by paying attention to nutrition, fitness, active relaxation and rest & recovery.

But we live in a fast-paced, digitally focused, hyperconnected world; it’s difficult to step back and take a breath. Fortunately, more and more people in general and leaders of organizations in particular are beginning to recognize the importance of focus on health and vitality. People feel the effects that mindfulness, movement, healthy food and sleep have on the body and the brain.

At Moovs we believe health and vitality can be a differentiator in life and working culture. We want to contribute to the shift in belief that taking care of yourself is not lost time, but rather an investment in your ability to have more uptime. So it all starts with you, because it is only when you have love and compassion for yourself that you can take good care of yourself and be able to give to others. This is more important than ever, especially at a time when society is being disrupted. Getting and staying healthy means learning new habits. We offer solutions and a rhythm for working on your wellbeing on a daily basis and allowing yourself to fully flourish. Don’t wait until life hits you hard and a health crisis forces you to change. Change before you have to.

Our solutions:

    • Daily moves: fun, eat, mood, mind and
    • Life phase oriented training solutions focused on work/life balance, resilience, stress awareness and recovery, energy management, working parents etc.