Quantum Negotiation presents a new approach for getting what is really needed in negotiations. Also available as a leadership competency and for business development.


Where traditional negotiation courses, designed decades ago, focused on cognitive skills, Quantum Negotiation delves deeper to address the power of personal values which drive actual negotiation strategy and behaviors.

Negotiation is always personal. Nearly all social interactions require negotiation. The success of these interactions can depend greatly on unseen yet highly important factors that include:
• Psychological attachments
• Emotional attachments
• Personal belief systems

When we consider that negotiations occur constantly as people work together to problem-solve, create new things and share resources, the impact of these underlying personal factors on tangible and intangible outcomes is tremendous.


The Quantum Negotiation Training and Coaching Learning Lab is an intensive, blended experience, designed to enhance negotiation performance through presentation and experience of Quantum Negotiation techniques. With 12 modular sessions, this advanced learning program integrates a wide range of techniques to accelerate skill development.

Our course architecture is modular in nature and highly tailorable per need and/or industry specific.

Quantum Negotiation is a totally new skill-set arsenal. Is your team fully equipped?