Transformative, positive psychology microlearning, training and coaching—empowering people to maximize their resilience, well-being, engagement and contributions—at work, at school, and in life!


Can resilience, well-being and optimal performance be learned? Positive psychologists say YES! As decades of research and hundreds of studies have now shown, people who express their strengths are more resilient, empowered, energized and engaged.

Given the new COVID-19 reality, ASA®’s mobile-first courses, coaching and training solutions have never been more relevant and more needed! Our gamified, interactive programs in resilience, well-being, productivity, virtual teams, leadership, and communication address many challenges organizations are facing today—providing practical solutions—with cutting-edge tools based on proven, powerful principles.

In the midst of the stress, disappointments and challenges of modern life, people are choosing their authentic strengths over fear. A strengths-focus affirms our untapped potential, rather than the limits of what we think we can do. Many of us do not know how to leverage our own strengths, or how to illuminate strengths in others. Since so much attention is heaped on weaknesses, we tend to focus on what’s “wrong”—but the time has come to re-wire and to thrive—to focus on what’s “strong!”

With our decades of experience, and insights into what ignites star performance—enabling meaningful, positive change—we are uniquely positioned to serve you. We help you amplify, reflect, and facilitate strengths—motivating and energizing people—to generate better strategies and sustainable solutions. Transformative results await those who dare to lead from a place of authenticity. ASA® will bring out the best in you, and in those you seek to positively influence!

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