Trapologist At Work® is a groundbreaking, research-based workshop founded by David M.R. Covey and Stephan Mardyks. Where most methods look at the things we need to do to achieve success, Covey and Mardyks developed a practical approach to outsmart the 7 Modern-Day Traps that stand in the way of our success. The workshop is based on their acclaimed book “Trap tales: Outsmarting 7 hidden obstacles to success”. Group Moovs is the exclusive partner of Trapologist and helps organizations, teams and individuals with new smart strategies.

When facing setbacks in the workplace, we often think of them as mistakes or wrong chosen strategies. Covey and Mardyks believe that there are larger forces at play that keep us from achieving the success we want. Traps are the time-consuming things that are holding you back from achieving your goals. Often we don’t know how to spot these traps, let alone how to avoid them.

Covey and Mardyks distinguished 7 common traps in the workplace:

Covey and Mardyks believe that these modern day traps cannot be solved by the conventional approaches. They do not work anymore! Trapologist At Work® learn us new paradigms and new approaches to overcome the traps. They call it: “Epiphany breakthroughs”.


The workshop teaches us to become a trapologist: “A person who detects and avoids the 7 workplace traps and helps others to do the same”. Participants will learn to:

  1. outsmart the 7 modern traps in the workplace
  2. remove any roadblocks and
  3. accelerate success

To achieve these results, Trapologists apply the Trapologist process – the framework for outsmarting the 7 workplace traps:

  • Recognize – learning how the trap seduces you, limits your abilities, and keeps you stuck.
  • Quantify – determining how long the traps last, how severe they are, how often you fall into them, and in what environments you are most vulnerable.
  • Identify the conventional approach – what is the popular, generic, and accepted yet ineffective solution?
  • Discover the epiphany breakthrough – what innovative strategies will accelerate my success?
  • Take Action – establish your priorities. Create a plan and implement it.

For Individuals, Teams, and Organizations

The curriculum sequence starts with approaches to improve individuals’ effectiveness and personal leadership.
Next, the course focuses on key strategies that enable individuals to work collaboratively as team players.
Lastly, we hone in on the cutting edge methods to align employees with the organizational vision/goals and help each participant assess their individual distinctive contribution.

Organizational Benefits of Trapologist at Work

Individuals, teams, and organizations who have experienced the workshop report:

  • Increased focus and productivity – as employees focus on what matters most, take greater initiatives, and actively learn from past mistakes, they become truly exceptional.
  • A collaborative work culture – the workforce learns how to deal with colleague frustrations in positive ways, leading to improved teamwork and greater engagement.
  • A meaningful employer-employee relationship – as everyone understands where they fit in and feel valued, everybody can now fully contribute to the organizational goals.