Creativity on command: 5 tips on how to stimulate creativity when you need it

We’ve all been there: just when you need a little creativity, you have no inspiration. That can be done differently! Starting today, you can spark your creativity whenever you want. 

1. Make time for creativity. 

Schedule time for creativity and make sure you don’t have any distractions during that time. Put your phone on silent, close your mail, grab something tasty to drink and stand or sit somewhere where you can let your creativity run free. 

2. It doesn’t have to be perfect right away. 

Don’t expect your first idea to be perfect. By focusing on the process of creativity instead of the (final) product, you make room for everything that comes to mind. If you have time left or at a later time, improve your own ideas and/or be inspired by the ideas of others. You will see: eventually you will come to a beautiful final piece that you are proud of. If you’re not there yet, just give yourself another creative session! 

3. Allow your creativity to flourish.

Do you know what sparks your creativity? And do you make use of that? Everyone needs something different to be creative. Some people are very creative when they are alone at the computer, while others need a certain space, nature, music, movement, other people, a simple ritual or something completely different. Go on an adventure and discover what works best for you to let your creativity flourish. 

4. Think in the box. 

Can you relate to others being more creative than you? This is probably because your own ideas are no longer new while those of others are. By appreciating the ideas from your own box and combining them with the ideas of others, you expand your box further and further. So next time another idea comes out of your own box you will rely more on your own creativity. How nice is it to be able to stay in your comfort zone for once? 

5. Brainstorm endlessly.

How do you start a creative brainstorm? For example, think of what you wonder about, what you long for or what frustrates you. As a result, you often come up with good ideas. The boundaries will come later, but during the brainstorm they limit your creativity enormously. The craziest, biggest and most expensive ideas are eventually reduced to the creative answer to the question you started with. 

Fun exercise!

Start a brainstorm by writing down a word, such as an object in your environment or a randomly chosen word from a book. Next, write down everything you associate with this word and use it as inspiration or metaphor.

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