Values-driven organizations are the most successful organizations on the planet.

A thriving culture is no longer a “nice-to-have.” It is among the most essential investments you can make in your organization, with far-reaching impacts on employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and profitability. We offer a proven, comprehensive approach to culture and leadership development – with time-tested methodology, acclaimed analytics and training, and a global network of Barrett Certified Consultants.

Since 1997, the Barrett Values Centre has been helping organizations to thrive by building high-performing, values-driven cultures. From diagnosing issues to identifying solutions and monitoring progress, we have a long track record of supporting the success of organizations of every size and type.

Cultural transformation happens when people in the organization become deeply aware of their motivations and are encouraged to align these motivations with the strategic intentions of the organization.  When your people thrive, your organization thrives. Which is why building your optimal culture begins with understanding the values at the root of it. Values – conscious or unconscious – are the motivation for every decision made or action taken.Employees have their own values when they walk in the door, and they are influenced everyday by the values they experience in your organization.  Understanding the values currently at play is essential to put your wanted culture into action.This is where our approach is uniquely effective. We have pioneered and continue to perfect ways to discover and activate your values to forge a targeted, measurable path towards a thriving culture.

For research in the field of organization culture, Moovs is affiliated with an international network of advisors (Richard Barrett & associates), which for fifteen years already works with company transformation models and –instruments. The instruments offer a framework to map the awareness of the important values and culture of an organization, team and/or individuals.

The research model contains seven levels of consciousness, which describe the growth of an organization, team, leadership role or individual in the area of values and culture.


The organization levels are described as follows: