Proven effectiveness

Education and training isn’t cheap, so it’s important to make clear agreements about the results to be measured and the methods to be used. We use ROI methodology to determine the effects of the interventions and to visualize their value. In order to establish where you are now as an organization, we ask you to measure the most important KPIs; then we, too, can see how you are progressing. We begin by defining the areas in which we want to measure results. This allows us to measure the effects of interventions and repeat these measurements over a longer period of time. Interim adjustments can be made, and ultimately longer-term assessment of whether the objectives have been achieved.

We distinguish five areas in which we can measure results:

Indicators for responses from participants and others involved, e.g. usability, relevance to the position, motivation etc.
Indicators for impact, e.g. productivity improvement, sales results, customer satisfaction, etc.
Indicators for learning effects, e.g. competences, knowledge, confidence/guts, etc.
Indicators for application, e.g. level of use, completed actions, etc.
Return on investment indicators, e.g. ROI%, Benefit: Cost Ratio etc.