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Randstad Groep

Who is Randstad Groep?


Great Conversations replaces the traditional system, which is unable to deliver optimal results. Frequent good conversation replaces the outdated annual performance review in which a year of accumulated feedback is discussed. The Great Conversation allows much more space not only for feedback, but also for feedforward: development-oriented feedback relating to future opportunities. This contributes to achieving results.

WHY did they do it?

“58% of executives interviewed believe that their current performance management approach drives neither employee engagement nor performance.”
“Once-a-year goals are not enough for a real-time world. And conversations about year-end ratings are less valuable than conversations conducted about performance while it’s actually happening.”
“We found that creating the ratings consumed close to two million hours a year.” “Ratings reveal more about the rater than the ratee.”
“Only 4% of HR leaders feel that they are effective at accurately assessing employee performance.”