Brexit preparation for Douane

In preparation of Brexit, 930 new employees were being recruited. Being responsible for the supervision of the flow of goods between VK and the Netherlands, they needed proper guidance and training. Traditional method wouldn’t be sufficient within the available timeframe. Making sure to properly train such a large group of employees under enormous time pressure, Douane was in need of a broadened approach from the traditional classroom training sessions.

Douane asked us to help people learn quickly and effectively and meet the performance goals at the same time.

How to equip employees in a pressure cooker environment and still qualify for a demanding context?

  • By cocreating a whole new leading-edge vision on learning and development with the Douane, we paved the way to a more contemporary way of learning.
  • The Douane switched from lengthy, generalized and knowledge focused training to compact, bite sized, skill focused learning.
  • By creating building blocks of task-oriented training modules, flexible learning accelerated personalized learning journeys. Creating a more adaptive, collaborative and self-directed way of learning in the workflow.
  • By building a learning ecosystem and training and coaching teachers and supervisors, learning became an ongoing subject and a solid part of the business processes.