How we help clients at Group Moovs

Vitality for Interim Valley

The most important source within a company is it’s employees. How do you prepare your employees to be the best version of themselves? How do you help them to be fully engaged at work and in life?

Since 2018 we have the privilege to help Interim Valley with their mission: Live Your Potential. Interim Valley is a pre-eminent temporary staffing agency, based in Amsterdam. Their personal and dedicated approach makes them unique in the field. They are experts in flexible staffing solutions in Compliance, Data Science and Lending.

The Live Your Potential- program starts with a Kick-off training. Every individual has four different dimensions of energy. The physical dimension represents the quantity of energy you have. The emotional dimension represents the quality of your energy. The mental dimension represents the focus of energy and finally the purpose or inspirational dimension controls the power of your energy. During the kick-off the new employees become (more) aware of their personal status of energy in the different dimensions. Interactive and playful exercises increases awareness in mind and body. To help them manage or increase the energy levels at all four dimensions.

Interim Valley understands the power of happy and engaged employees. “If you haven’t found what makes you happy, keep looking.” Is a highlighted sentence in the inspirational footage at the start. What makes this stand out is that co-founder Ruben Verkuijl is also the co-trainer of the kick-off. He honestly believes that if you are not completely happy with your role within Interim Valley you can grow while working and prepare for your next step. All in order to make an impact in the lives of the people you work with.

After the kick-off, all employees get the opportunity to work with a coach. All coaches are prepared to help the employees to make steps in reaching their Potential. The coaches are selected by the employees. They can choose from a variety of coaches, who introduce themselves in videoclips on their website. This is to ensure a personal connection.

Once a year the Live Your Potential Experience is organized. A full day with several workshops around the different dimensions. Again, the employees have the opportunity to follow the workshops of their preference. So a personal program is created during the day. Examples of the last edition: Mindset, Breathing, Brain hacking, Meditation, Boxing, Ice bath, Yoga and Laughing.

The Live Your Potential program has been inspiring for many Interim Valley employees. Whether they participate at the Kick-Off, attend coaching sessions or join workshops. Team field management gathers feedback after the sessions. The responses are: “Our employees tell us that they gain energy and become encouraged to invest time in themselves, both personally and professionally. Of course, some are more inspired than others, but the beauty of the program is that because we’re all different, everyone is inspired in their own way, to live their own potential.”

We’re proud to be working together with Interim Valley on their mission towards an inspired, energetic and motivated life based upon fun and dedication. We’re looking forward to assisting many more employees on their personal journey.