We’ve created new, tailor-made training programs using an innovative combination of education, training and change processes. It is important for a Corporate Academy to offer recognized training programs. In addition to recognized diplomas, we are working to expand corporate academies with existing learning pathways with specific content and modules for each role.

What is a Corporate Academy?

Nothing more nor less than a training house with specific ways of learning for each function or role in the organization. A Corporate Academy provides regular, (inter)nationally recognized training courses, concluding in valid diplomas, partial qualifications or statements.

Close to the practice

A Corporate Academy’s true strength lies in the practical component of the education and training. The theory uses general terms, but the application invariably incorporates the reality of your organization. Participants learn to view their responsibilities within your organization from a distance. At the same time, we bring the theories to real-life work situations via experiential learning and ongoing practice.

Online Academy

Your Corporate Academy completely online? Anyplace, anywhere, anytime – and available on all the main devices and operating systems. In this setup, we offer a complete social platform that uses the latest technology to combine internal communication and learning. Groups can be created, provided a targeted learning offering ranging from learning bites (short films, photos, etc.) to more extensive e-learning modules. The platform keeps you are in constant contact with your colleagues, and knowledge and experience is shared. The platform can easily be linked to existing software in your organization.