Data holds enormous value for organizations. Data and artificial intelligence (AI) are important to the realisation of strategic goals, to supplying clients with excellent service, and to making processes more efficient. 

In 2020 a large financial organization asked us to help increase the data and AI awareness and knowledge of all their employees. We did so by designing and developing a fully digital learning programme consisting of various types of micro-learnings, each five to ten minutes in length and focused on the application of data and AI at the organization. To introduce the learning programme and stimulate the employees to follow the micro-learnings, we developed a motivational video as well.

Over a six-month period we developed nine online modules and the initial motivational video. We co-created these with representatives of the organization, and focused on the learning objectives: 

  • Employees are familiar with the different forms and concepts of data and AI;
  • Employees are aware of how this will change people’s lives;
  • Employees are more engaged to share benefits and concerns;
  • Employees understand how data and AI will influence activities at the organization;
  • Employees see opportunities and applications for data and AI within the organization.